Main features of StreetLib Write

A simple and intuitive tool that helps you prepare your book in just a few steps.

Create your book

You can use StreetLib Write to get your digital book ready for publication, either by importing your own file or creating the book from scratch.

Create a new book

Import a book

With StreetLib Write you can upload your Word, OpenOffice or PDF document and import it to the editor with a few clicks. The system will automatically recognize and split the chapters of the book, and offer you a preview. If you already have your book's ePub format, you can import it into StreetLib Write to modify, improve and then distribute all over the world.

Import a new book

Create your book from scratch

After you add the title and choose the type of book, you can access the text editor to insert and edit your book's contents, apply text formatting, and create lists, links, tables and notes.

Create a book

Text editor

Main features

Header New

  • Easy access to all parts of your book for editing.
  • Your book's context menu.
  • In just one click, you can access the tools to edit your book.
Book header

Navigation panel

  • Easy access to the search bar. New
  • List of book "nodes" can be differentiated by type.
  • All actions are just a click away. New
  • Tab bar for managing notes, images and extra content

Book map

  • Redefine the structure of your book with a quick drag & drop of the nodes.
Nav panel Zoom
Book map

Content editor

  • Access the toolbar for formatting content and other advanced actions.
  • HTML editor.
Content editor HTML editor

Choose a graphic theme

Focus on the content of your book. Write take care of the technical details needed to create a well-made digital book that meets the standards for all online selling platforms. Our creatives have designed graphic themes for every need; our technicians have tested and validated them on all reading devices. With a few clicks, you can use these themes to create your finished ebook. All our themes are free and customizable to your liking!

Content editor

Create your theme Premium tier

Do you want to make your book unique? Create your own theme by starting with graphic themes provided by Write. Use the snippets in the side panel; they will help you create a CSS base to start from. You can also write your CSS rules from scratch, using the selectors which are unique to the Write code.

Content editor

Go to book preview

The "Preview" tool lets you view your work from your device, during editing and when you are finished. StreetLib Write also allows you to send the ebook to your Kindle device for a preview on the most popular ereader in the world.

Content editor

Create and save a review

StreetLib Write allows you to keep track of all changes thanks to the "Revisions" tool.
In the left panel you will find the revision history. On the right, the details of each revision are listed.
You can create, save or delete a revision whenever you want.

Content editor

Valid ebooks

All ebooks made by StreetLib Write are validated according to the IDPF standard, and are therefore compatible with any reading device, and optimized for distribution on all international platforms, such as Kobo, Google Play, Amazon and Apple.

Content editor

Create your cover New

StreetLib Write provides an editor dedicated to the creation of digital covers: use the image you prefer, add and edit texts, apply styles and colors. Write will generate a digital cover compatible with all technical editorial and international distribution requirements.

Cover editor

Print Versions Unlimited tier

Use StreetLib Write's editor tools to manage your paper books:

  • You can create multiple paper versions in different print formats.
  • You can create a professional paperback cover, defining spine, margins, back cover contents, etc. Customize everything with a few clicks. No need to install expensive graphics programs!

Create high-quality digital and print books

Do you want to print, distribute, share your book?